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AjMall is a Chinese application, its main target is the Middle East, it has set up a multilingual customer service team, and multiple people rotate to ensure 7/24 full customer service.

AjMall has a quick delivery system as it regularly delivers after 7 days, but in some cases, it may take 15 days.

The return system in AjMall is very simple, and it is as follow:

  •  A return request can be submitted online within 14 days of order receipt.
  • Application review Return orders are subject to customer service review. The user can cancel the return request at any time.
  • After passing the review, you can directly return the returned goods and fill in the logistics information in the corresponding order of the app After the return application is approved, please fill in the logistics note number on the APP as soon as possible and take a picture to upload the logistics note number voucher, otherwise, it will affect the refund progress. If the system does not receive the logistics information feedback from users after 7 days of approval, the return application process will be closed due to timeout.
  • Refund is completed after the quality check of the return packager For returned merchandise.

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