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You don’t have to worry any more about losing the important data and e-mails that you’re saving on your personal computer, don’t worry about stealing your private photos, videos, and important messages from your mobile, because now you can keep your computer and mobile safe by downloading AVG antivirus on your devices, but before you do make sure you entered the latest valid AVG antivirus coupon code from otlob coupon website so you know you got the security you’re seeking with the best prices ever.

AVG antivirus is a product that is produced by AVG technologies, a large software company that was established in the year 1991 by Jan Gritzbach and Tomáš Hofer in Brno, Czech. And now the company is a leading company in the field of internet security and antivirus software and they have branches in many places in the world such as United States of America, Canada, Europe, and Brazil.

AVG is an abbreviation for Anti Virus Guard, which was the company’s first product, and that was first sold in the United Kingdom, and Germany in 1997.

The Free version of AVG antivirus, helped to introduce the people of the AVG products. In the year 2006, the AVG security bundle was developed to contain anti spyware, as AVG Technologies bought ewido Networks, an anti spyware company.  In the same year of 2006, Microsoft Company declared that AVG Security items would be accessible straightforwardly from the Windows Security Center in Windows Vista. At the end of 2007, AVG Technologies bought (XPL) which is an abbreviation for Exploit Prevention Labs, and combined the LinkScanner product of that company into the AVG 8.0 security item that was launched in March 2008. In the beginning of 2009, AVG Technologies bought Sana Security, a developer of data fraud aversion programming.

As per AVG Technologies, the organization has around 200 million dynamic users around the world, including a number of one hundred million who use their items and products on their mobile phones.

AVG also has a product for mobiles and tablets, it’s called  AntiVirus for Android, and it protects your cell phone against malware assaults and dangers to your security. They give you instant protection against dangerous applications, and application locks against theft, and tracking options in the case of theft, and much more security and protection options.

The AVG antivirus for android is a very attractive product for many people; more than one hundred million people all over the world have downloaded it from the play store, which is considered a record among other antivirus products for mobile phones.

At the moment you install AVG antivirus, it automatically protects your phone from the most recent viruses and threats.

If you have AVG antivirus installed on your mobile phone, you don’t need to worry about any privacy issues, because even if –in the worst case scenario- your device was stolen, you can remotely lock it, delete your private data, or you can even turn on the alarm on the highest volume so you may be able to hear it if you’re still in the same place as the thief, and you can also track it on google maps.

AVG antivirus also enables you to lock a specific application with a pin code, for example if you don’t want anyone to access some of your data accidently such as your messages, your photos, or even your chatting conversations, you can lock it with a private code that nobody else know.

AVG mobile antivirus also has a very unique and funny option that they call “the camera trap”, which is an option that would take a photo automatically by the front cam if someone tried to access your mobile and entered an incorrect password for three consecutive times, it will automatically capture their photo and send it to you on your e-mail address with the exact time and location of the accident.

AVG has a wide range of different services and products, such as AVG internet security, AVG antivirus, AVG PC tuneup business addition, AVG business antivirus for Mac, AVG antivirus for Android, AVG file server business edition.

Malwares now are very scary as it doesn’t only affect or harm you devices, but it also affects your personal lives, hackers now can access your device’s camera or microphone without you even notice, they can be with you at every moment of your life, track your steps, know your secrets, or get a very private and personal data about you by just hacking one of your devices, so security solutions are no more a choice, it became an essential need in everybody’s lives, so just go ahead and download AVG antivirus, using the latest valid AVG antivirus coupon code that you can get from otlob coupon website.

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