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iPage is a web hosting company, they offer many web hosting solutions for individuals and for businesses, they offer very attractive and unbeatable prices for their web hosting services and packages, and they also offer their customers a drag and drop templates to help the non expert customers to create their websites easily and without needing any assistance.

The website is owned by Endurance international group, which is a web hosting company consisting of many small companies that was bought and acquired by them but kept their original names.

IPage was first started in the year 1998 by Thomas Gorny, they have two data centers, and more than one million websites on their platform, their headquarter is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, in the United States of America.

The best thing about iPage, that is the human factor, as they care so much about people, whether they are customers or employees, they take your website creating seriously, they know how much it means to you, and they try their best to give you something that truly exceeds your expectations, so they help you to design your website, they create you an e-mail address, they almost take care of every little detail until they take your website with them far away and reach perfection.

iPage also focus very much on the small business, they target helping them to grow by turning their ideas into a touchable reality, and deliver it through a perfect online website that explains it all. So, no matter if you are an individual or you have a small business, iPage can help you to come up at the end with a professional website, that totally delivers your idea and supports your business, and their tools are very easy to use for the non expert users and the customers with no technical background.

iPage are experts in their field, they have been in this business for more than 20 years, their consistency and their presence for this long is a living proof of how their services are unique, and that they have gained their customers’ trust over the years, by their dedicated, caring team, and also by their advanced and easy tools. So they have hosted many different kinds of websites during their journey that vary from the personal websites, the business websites, and also the nonprofit websites.

iPage does not only offer you the best hosting services with the best prices in the field, but they also give you unlimited e-mail accounts including auto responders, a free domain name for a whole year, free marketing tools, thousands of free templates, and so many more benefits, and all this with a money back guarantee period of a whole month.

iPage is the most trusted place for you to go when you think of building your website, they are always getting their data centers monitored, and their tools are very easy to use, their website builders are easy, powerful, and mobile friendly, and their team is available 24 hours per day, for seven days a week, ready anytime to help you and to answer your inquiries.

Through iPage you can get hosting services “Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and also WordPress Hosting”, Domains, and Marketing Services.

Why would you think so much about where to host your website?, the hosting experts  are right in front of your eyes, and are offering you the best prices ever, what else can you wish for?

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