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What is more important to a woman than her skin and her hair?, we always take care of our face, body, and hair, and we want to always feel young and vital, we always search for products that fight time and it’s effects, we work so hard to have a pure skin with no wrinkles, no under eyes black halos, no body cellulite, no hair damage, we simply dream of a perfect face, body and hair. And now Rivage website brought it all to you and will get these amazing products delivered to your doorstep. And you can enjoy all these amazing products that are mainly made from the natural Dead Sea minerals, with very special prices and discounts only if you visited Otlob coupon website and checked it for the latest valid Rivage coupon codes.

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Rivage care started their fabulous work back in the year 1996, when they thought of the Dead Sea, as the best cure for our health, by using it’s natural minerals and mix it with the extract of the most useful and active plants in the nature, to result the best skin and hair care products in the world, directly from the world’s natural spa that we call “the Dead Sea”.

Rivage has their own expert laboratories and scientists who work so hard to bring their customers the spa experience at their home, by working on making very special compositions that are made from natural and effective ingredients.

We all know about the miracles of the Dead Sea and what it can do to our skin and hair, generally our health, and we all know the benefits of it’s mud, salts, and water.

The dead sea salts are a natural cure for many skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff, and acne, as these salts contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromides, and sodium, which are considered natural medicines and main ingredients that help reducing the wrinkles, and softening your skin.

The mud and the water of the Dead Sea are an amazing combination for many substances that could be used for skin care and beauty products, as the water is a natural home for some creatures and organisms that can live in hyper saline water such as the Dunaliella salina which is a kind of microalgae that is considered a natural source of beta carotene, and a main natural anti aging fighter.

In the Rivage website you will find a whole section for face care, because our faces deserve special care and protection, and Rivage made this as their first priority by developing special made face care products that will always keep your face young and fresh, and these products include “Mask & Exfoliators, Moisturizers, Eye & Neck, Hydration & Protection, Anti-Wrinkle & Fine Lines, Uneven Skin Tone, Dry & Sensitive Skin, Cleansers & Toners, Anti-Ageing & Serum, Problem Solvers, Exfoliating & Retexturizing, Redness & Irritation, Oily Skin & Pores, Retexturizing”.

And because we all want a shiny, healthy, and thick hair, Rivage made us the Hair and Scalp section that includes “Shampoo, Cleansing & Conditioning, Scalp Care, Hair Masks, and Hair Repair”

And because your skin deserves to always be nourished and refreshed, Rivage brings you the Body care section which contains “Masks, Dead Sea Water, Hand & Foot, Bath, Hydration & Protection, Relaxing & Soothing, Cellulite & Sretch Marks, Dead Sea Salt & Scrubs, Moisturizers & Oils, Pregnancy, Problem Solvers, Exfoliating, Uneven Skin Tone”. and these products are all made from very unique and natural extracts of the Dead Sea mud, water, and salts.

Or you can directly shop Rivage website for special offers.

Or you can shop by their amazing gift sets such as “Essential Care, Bath Crystals Collection, Mini Beauty Care Kit, Natural Soap Collection, Beauty Care Collection, Skin Care Collection, Home Spa Set, or Skin Care Collection”.

And Rivage can also give you suggestions for their best seller products such as “Emollient Hand cream, Nourishing Facial Mud Mask, Facial Moisturizing Cream, Replenishing Anti-Age Cream, Black Mud Soap, Mineral Toner, and more”.

If you registered in Rivage website you will be able to shop faster, as your data will be already saved to your account, and you will also be able to track your order and keep updated with its status.

All you have to do when you shop in Rivage website, is choose your favourite products, add them to your cart, and Rivage will let you choose three free samples, then you will be transferred to fill an application with your data such as your contact details, your e-mail address, and your name, then you will enter your delivery details, choose your payment method, and confirm your order. It’s very simple process!

Go ahead now and bring your face, your body, and your hair the care they deserve, stay young forever by using the miracles of the Dead Sea magic, and always feel like a queen!

And don’t forget to enjoy all the benefits of Rivage products, with extra aggressive discounts through the Rivage coupon codes that are available on Otlob Coupon website.