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Vedantu is an online education website that was first started officially at the end of the year 2014 by four friends who share the same passion about education Vamsi Krishna, Saurabh Saxena, Pulkit Jain, and Anand Prakash, through this website teachers offer their students online school sessions, and the students have the opportunity to choose their own instructor, search, and browse the material that they need , they work according to specific concept, that education gives much better result when it’s one to one process, they offer their services to all students in classes from the fourth to the twelfth classes for the ICSE, and CBSE all over the Middle East region and India.

Vedantu summarize their target in one line, that they are working to make the education a democratic and personalized process where the student can connect directly with the instructor without any barrier in the middle, their target and what they aim for is already shown in their name “Vedantu” which is a mix between the words (Veda) and (Tantu) which means Knowledge Network, as they are a knowledge network that is targeting giving the students the opportunity to communicate with the teachers anytime they want and wherever they are.

Vedantu offers you great and well trained teachers, who are carefully chosen to be able to deliver a high quality education, they give every student the attention they need, they deliver the information to each one according to his abilities, and also allows you to learn from anywhere and through any device that can be connected to the internet, how easy!

The website offers you real students’ reviews, students who already took classes and sessions through Vedantu and are sharing their experience and their gratitude with other Vedantu visitors.

Vedantu offers you superior teachers who take education seriously, and think of it as a part of their dignity, taking the responsibility on their shoulders as a challenge, and do their best to deliver the information and to help students to achieve higher scores, and from the very beginning these teachers of Vedantu had already been tested and went through the hardest exams to make sure that they really are qualified for their mission.

Vedantu is using the latest technologies as they have their own brilliant team of developers who keep creating and developing technologies to allow students to benefit from the online sessions as much as possible, so they allow them to have live audio video sessions with their teachers, and to enjoy a live learning environment with their teachers, and also allow them to get live sessions on their mobile devices, and so many other solutions that they keep working on it all the time to develop more technologies to change the concept of ordinary education.

Vedantu is definitely a very useful online platform for so many students, they are a destination for more than 1,60,000 students, and they have made more than five hundred thousand live learning hours.

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