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Backing up your important data had never been easier!

Genie9 offers you what it takes to let you enjoy good night sleep knowing that your important data is in a safe place, and if you lost it someday for any reason by mistake or for a computer damage or for any other reason, you can simply restore it!

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Genie9 is a well known and very reputable cloud software provider; they bring their customers -who vary between organizations and individuals or normal users- the best storage solutions that are very effective and with affordable costs as well.

Genie9 is a large cloud software solutions company that was first started its business in the year 2001, and since then they have been developed and grew up bringing their customers a strong collection of products, and helping more than 3 million users all over the world in protecting their data.

 Your priority is their priority as well, your important work that you’re trying to protect is important to them, and the normal user’s data even if it’s not important to others is important to them, because they understand if you want to protect your memories, your photos, or your videos, and they will help you doing so.

Genie9 has solutions for individuals such as “Genie Timeline Professional, and Genie Backup Manager Professional”, they have solutions for small and medium business and also for enterprise such as “Genie Timeline Server, Genie Backup Manager Server”, and they of course have their cloud solutions such as all Zoolz products like “Zoolz intelligent cloud, and Zoolz cloud archive” and also Zoolz backup solutions for IOS and Android devices such as “Android Backup App, and IOS Backup App”.

Genie9 has their loyal customers who put their total trust in their products, and these customers are individuals and organizations from different industries such as Education, Healthcare, Media, Oil and Gas, Mining and Energy, Technology & IT, Architecture & Construction, Insurance, Real Estate, Non-Profit Organization & Charities, Marketing, Printing & Graphic Design, and also Aerospace”.

Genie9 is a very reputable company, and their products are very trusted and with high reputation products, by putting your data in their hands you will enjoy your peace of mind knowing that you will never get them lost, so visit their website now and choose the product that most matches your needs, whether you are a normal home user or an organization, Genie9 will always have the perfect solution for you, but don’t you ever forget that you can always get very special discounts if you entered the latest valid Genie9 coupon codes that are brought to you exclusively by Otlob Coupon website.