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Max first branches opened its doors for the first time in the year 2004 specifically in May, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and today they own more than 230 branches all over the Middle East region, India, and also North Africa and they are working on an expansion plan to reach more markets in the region.

Max has their own brand of clothes for all women, men, and also kids, they also offer footwear and accessories, and this brand is very attractive to most of the Middle East clients, as they find in Max products the opportunity to dress elegant, high quality designs, with very competitive prices.

Max store has branches in many countries all across the region such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan, India, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq, Nigeria, Yemen, and Zambia.

Max website gives you the opportunity to follow the latest models and styles and to choose your favourite one, and they also can help you to locate the nearest store.

Max has section for Women, in which you can find Dresses “Maxi Dresses, Long Sleeve Dresses, Midi dresses”, Tops “Sweatshirts, Vests, shirts, blouses, Hoodies, Kaftans, and sweaters”, Bottoms “pants, leggings, jeans, and palazzos”, Accessories “Bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces” , and also Footwear “flats, high heels, low heels, boots, and Sandals”.

They also have section for Men, and in this section you can find Bottoms “shorts, pants, and Jeans”, Tops “Sweatshirts, T- shirts, sweaters, pull over, and shirts” , Footwear “Shoes, Boots, Sandals, and also sports shoes”, and Accessories “Scarves, Ties, Gloves, Belts, hats and caps”.

And for the little girls they have a very nice section that includes Tops “Dresses, Sweaters, and so on”, and Bottoms “pants, skirts, Dungarees, Leggings, Jog pants, and also Jeans”, and another amazing section for little boys that includes Tops “T- shirts, shirts, and sweaters”, and Bottoms “shorts, jog pants, and jeans”.

Max offers their permanent clients an amazing loyalty programme that they call “Shukran”, and they use this name because this programme is expressing how they thank their loyal customers for putting their trust in them, so they give them points each time they buy any item from any max store and these points they can later redeem for amazing rewards and promotions, all you need to do to become a Shukran member is to visit their website and sign up, or you can fill an application form in on one of their stores. And the Shukran membership is totally free of charges, all you need is to sign up and you will get a lifetime membership.

You can exchange or return a product you bought from Max within 14 days and with the original receipt but the returns should be in the same condition, but lingerie, underwear, and accessories are not returnable or exchangeable.

You can also keep up to date with the latest Max releases and new fashions if you liked their facebook page, or followed them through their twitter or instagram account.

You can also check Max’s Blog for fashion tips and very useful articles for you to get a stylish look, know how to choose the right outfit for each occasion, and to dress your lovely little ones in an amazing way, so, you can find on their blog for example articles telling you how to be professional in your styles, inspirational outfits for your kids, which swim wears are trending this year, what are the best summer styles that you can get from max, and so on.

Shopping through Max is a favourite thing to do for many of the Middle East residents, they trust their products and their name, and they believe that the people behind Max are putting their customers’ satisfaction as their first priority, they work so hard to meet their expectations, and also exceeds them if possible.

Max is one of Landmark group’s brands, which is a giant retail and hospitality company in the Middle East region, they own many famous and reputable brands such as Centrepoint, Splash, Max, Baby shop, Home Centre, Iconic, Shoe Mart, Shoexpress, Lifestyle, and more.

Landmark is a big name in the retail business, they first started in the year 1973, and their first store was in Bahrain, and now they own more than 2500 outlets, with a number of over 50,000 employees all across the Middle East.

So if you are searching for new clothes, for yourself or any other member of your family, go direct to the nearest Max outlet, and enjoy your shopping experience!

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