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Souq (Amazon)

Read More an amazon company is one of the most important and popular online store in the Arab world, known for electronics, mobile phones, computers, clothes, kids’ stuff, automotive, sports stuff, home furniture, and more.

Souq offers more than a 400 thousand products. Also, Souq is the top e-commerce company in the Middle East and North Africa.
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Souq has been established in 2005, and ever since it earned the trust of over 23 million monthly visitors from all over the Arab world. built a very strong relationship with the customer through the continuous offers and the benefits they provide, for example:

1- Souq Saudi Arabia provides a free shipping for the orders above 200 Saudi Arabian Riyal, also Souq Egypt will deliver to you for free when you order for more than 300 Egyptian Pounds, and similar offers from Souq Emirates, Souq Kuwait, etc,..

2- offers you free returns, in case you changed your mind, or you found no satisfaction in the product you ordered.

3- You can pay for your order from Souq cash by the time you receive your shipment, and you can pay also online through

4- Souq has the simplest online process.

5- Souq Delivers within 2 days.

6- You can also track your order on and the procedures it’s been through so far.

7- serves four different countries so far; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

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Souq has even Supermarket products, you can buy beverages, nuts, chocolates, snacks, cereals, pasta, rice, cooking ingredients, canned food, shampoos, skin cream, laundry stuff, cleaning supplies, paper and plastics, diapers, baby food, shavers, deodorants, lotions, and even pet food.

Souq also has varieties of products, there’s almost all what you need! You can find all the popular mobile phone brands, like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, and more and more. Souq permanently makes great offers on mobile phones reaches sometimes 40% and more!

Souq also has a big variety of Televisions, Laptops, Printers, Cameras, Play Station, Speakers, Headphones, and different home appliances. You can always check out the latest discounts available on Otlob Coupon gives you promo codes usable at Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Also, you can find clothes under the tab named Souq Fashion. You will find men wear such as men formal wears, men casual wears, men bags, men accessories, men shoes, men watches, and men eye wears. Women also will find at Souq wide varieties like women clothing, women bags, women accessories, women shoes, women watches, and women eye wears. If you have kids also; Souq has brought everything you need for your kids closer, from newborn babies to teenager kids. Sign up to Souq with your email account, Facebook account, or Amazon account. Then you can fill your cart with the products you are interested in and make your order right away.

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