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About Trendyol store

Trendyol is a leading Turkish e-commerce platform founded in 2010, offering a diverse range of fashion, beauty, and home products. It is known for its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and a wide selection of trendy items from local and international brands.

Trendyol store products

  • Fashion: 

dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear, shoes, bags, and accessories.

  • Beauty:

skincare products, makeup, hair care items, fragrances, and personal care products

  • Home & Living:

home decor items, kitchenware, bedding, furniture, home essentials

  • Electronics:

smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, tech accessories 

  • Lifestyle:

sports and outdoor equipment, toys, books, and lifestyle products 

Steps for Purchasing and Shopping from Trendyol store

  1. Find Trendyol promo code on otlob coupon website

  2. Visit Trendyol's application

  3. Find best offer and select products.

  4. Add products to your Cart

  5. Apply Trendyol Promo Code (OTL60) UAE, (OTLOB60) KSA

  6. Select Payment Method

  7. Pay and order.

  8. Receive your order.

How to Use Trendyol Discount Code?

  1. Find Trendyol in otlob coupon search bar.

  2. Choose the best offer and enjoy extra discount by using Trendyol promo code (OTL60) UAE(OTLOB60) KSA

  3. Add Products to Your Cart

  4. Enter Trendyol promo Code (OTL60) UAE, (OTLOB60) KSA

  5. Complete Your Purchase and Enjoy Your Savings

Benefits of Shopping from Trendyol store

  • Diverse Product Range
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Convenient Shopping Experience
  • Secure Payment Options
  • Reliable Shipping Services

Question and Answers Lable

Trendyol promo code (OTLOB60) KSA, Trendyol promo code (OTL60) UAE on your checkout.

Trendyol offers Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, International Shipping, and Free Shipping.

You can reach Trendyol's customer support through email, phone, or by using the live chat feature available on their website for immediate assistance and inquiries.

Changing the shipping address be possible if the order has not been shipped yet.

you can typically reach out to Trendyol's customer support within a specific timeframe to report the issue and request a refund or replacement.

Delivery times based on the shipping method selected and the delivery location.

Shipping fees depending on the location, type of products, and the total order value.

Trendyol typically accepts various payment methods, including major credit/debit cards, and Online Payment Platforms.

Trendyol offers a return policy allowing customers to return products within a specific timeframe for a refund or exchange.

To track your Trendyol order, log into your account and access the "Order Tracking" section.